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highlight / shadow vector brushes


Highlights and Shadows Brushes for Adobe Illustrator is a set of vector art brushes which easily transform a flat looking illustration into something with depth and sparkle. A magic sauce for your illustrations! To use simply draw a line and add a brush. Warning: this can be addictive ;-)


Files included: - this file is the brush file which goes in your illustrator brushes folder - the illustrator file containing the original artwork used to make the brush. Use this file to add more bespoke brushes to your collection. This file also contains the vector artwork of the Lego Man and Binoculars! Great tool to see how it was done.


ShadingBrushes_UserGuide.pdf - a 10 page pdf showing how to use the brushes with quick tips to get your up and running easily.

Price: £8.00



  Adobe illustrator Brushes   Gradient Meshes

CMYK Basic Extended SWATCHES


There are some useful swatches which come with Illustrator. I have used some of these swatches as a starting point to create tonal ranges of each swatch. With these swatches it is easy and quick to create Gradients, fill shapes and colour Gradient Meshes, using different tones of the same colour.


Using the drag and drop functionality in Adobe Illustrator, simply drag the swatches from the same colour range to produce realistic toned illustrations.

Almost like painting by numbers - no more messing with colour silders.


Download file inlcudes 5 Illustrator Swtach Sets and a detailed PDF showing all swatches within this pack.


Note: Although these swatches were designed primarily for use in Illustrator they will install and function in Photoshop & Indesign; the only difference being they will lose thier folder structure that you see in Illustrator. Works with all versions of creative Suite and Cloud.

Price: £4.00




  Adobe illustrator Swatches   Gradient Meshes



These Adobe illustrator Gradient meshes are a great time saver for colouring in your illustrations to a high level of realism. Working with Gradient Meshes has been one of illustrators more challenging tools. This makes the job a bit easier!

In conjunction with the free Illustrator Plugin "Mesh Tormentor" and the accompanying tutorial videos, perspective cylinders will be a breeze!

Download includes eps file (CS5) and tutorial video.

Price: £5.00


  Adobe illustrator gradients   Gradient Meshes

Wire chain cable rope brushes


This comprehensive set of mainly technical brushes is a great time saver. With 43 different types of brush this is a great starting place to build further your own custom brushes. Ranging from cables, ropes, chains and wires. How many times did you begin to make a "quick" custom brush only to find 30 mins later that it took quite a bit longer? To use simply copy the style you need to your document and it will appear in your Adobe illustrator brush palette for immediate use. All brushes have solid colour fills so can be overlaid onto existing artwork without any need for trimming/masking.

Price: £5.00


  Adobe illustrator gradients   Gradients Library; Metals, painted, Natural and Gradient Meshes



The gradients pack is a select collection of typical materials you will come across when creating high end colour work. Time can fly by when tweaking sliders in Adobe illustrators gradient tool to achieve the perfect gradient that makes your work "pop". With this pack the trial and error is taken out and you will spend more time creating. Each material also comes in a cylinder, square and sphere with accompnying swatches which make up the gradient for easy colour picking. Also included for the more advanced user are typical base shapes using the gradient mesh tool to get you started.

Price: £5.00


  Adobe illustrator gradients   Gradients Library; Metals, painted, Natural and Gradient Meshes

Tool silhouettes - set 1


A collection of the 39 common handtools in a simple silhouette format. All items are grouped with a black fill, white halo and a grey shadow set to multiply. Art work is highly detailed for use at larger sizes. Ideal for use on a maintenance page to show what tools are needed or as a background element in a different colour.

Price: £3.00




  Adobe illustrator gradients   Gradients Library; Metals, painted, Natural and Gradient Meshes