listed below is a list of software, people and organisations I find useful in my technical illustration work.


Isodraw (PTC Arbortext) - The industry standard for Isometric technical illustration. IsodrawCADprocess was the software that changed the industry back i n the 90's. Expensive and not much development going on but if you want to play with the big companies then this is a must have. Link


MOI 3D - pound for pound one of the best nurbs modellers around with eps export included! I regulary use this tool over Isodraw to convert, modify and export to eps. Link


Adobe Creative CC - The most comprehensive of digital imaging software, yes there are alternatives but in my opinion not in the same league. Link

Plug-ins / Scripts

Astute Graphics - some of the most innovative plugins for Adobe illustrator. The subscribe Plugin is free and is a must for any Tech. Illustrator. After this there are many more which more than justify the small fee. Link


Mesh Tormentor - A free plugin to make working with the Gradient Mesh a breeze. Link


iKey - A great key macro maker to join up all those useful shortcut key commands, this application can take automation way further than the Actions set in Adobe Illustrator. Link


rj-graffix - some great plugins. My favourite is still the Isometric Line Tool! Link


JS4AI scripts page - A great resource of scripts for Adobe illustrator. Used with the iKey macro programme can be a great time saver! Link

Blogs - the name says it all, a great blog site with relevant articles and tips for tech. illustrators. Link


Of lines and Curves - A new technical illustration blog site run by Rahul Kulkarni based in India. I love this site due to Rahuls passion for all things Technical Illustration. Link


Kevin Hulsey - The gallery of artwork says it all, the site also has some great tutorials to learn from. Link

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