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No photography!

  • Brewing Kettle Cutaway


    A cutaway of a new Auxilliary Heating product showing most of the key items and the flame in the combustion chamber was required for marketing.

  • Brewing Kettle Cutaway


    A photo realistic Cutaway was required of a Stainless Steel Brewing kettle

  • Gearbox Cutaway

    WEbster Drives

    A realistic, detailed cutaway of one of Webster Drives popular Drives was required for updates to Brochures and Exhibition materials.

  • Realistic Room interiors

    Gavin willis creative (agency)

    A series of house rooms were required to act as a visual centre piece for an e-commerce site selling mobility assistance products. Generic products were positioned within each scene in typical places where the user can click to learn or purcahse. Vector outlines of people were added to illustrate wearable items.

  • Photo-realistic Electron Beam Welder


    Photo realistic images were required of Sciaky's large Electron Beam welders, which are to be used in a variety of marketing collateral.

  • Photo-realistic 3D CGI Stairlift

    acorn stairlifts

    Series of images rendered for a brochure. These were required to be photo realistic, no photography was used in the brochures. A saving of 50% was achieved through using the digital worklfow as opposed to a the traditional studio set and photography.

  • Photo-realistic Cutaway of Bearing

    Acorn industries

    Image to show latest bearing product in a cutaway view. The images were created before real samples could be produced to give an advantage in the marketing drive.

  • Conceptual Visualisation of Raod Crossing 3D CGI

    gavin willis creative (agency)

    Stylised 3D composition to show the principle of a movement activated walkway product.

  • Eco House Cutaway Realistic 3D Model Render

    Cavalry Design (agency)

    House cutaway illustration to show various energy saving aspects of new build houses.

  • Compressor Cutaway photo realistic  render

    gardner denver drum

    Cutaway of small compressor. Cutaways always achieve a high level of attention and can be worth a thousand words.

  • Compressor External Visualisation Render

    gardner denver drum

    Exterior shot of compressor, to be used in marketing collateral.

  • Tent Tipi 3D Visualisation 3D Render

    wylde by design (agency)

    Interior shot of party Tipi showing different possible layouts. 3D model was also used to create a short animation.

  • Peroni Beer Bottle 3D Render


    Persoanal development for testing surface textures..

  • Rugby Shirt 3D model Render

    gavin willis creative (agency)

    3D model was created so that different designs could be overlayed to preview an unlimited amount of designs at low cost.

  • SeaStar 3D Depth of Field 3D Render

    TAP graphics (agency)

    Brochure shot of one of the companys products using 3D and depth of field to achieve a photographic look and feel.

  • Two Power Transmissions


    Power Transmission Drives, 3D visualisations required for Brochure and Website Media. Modelled from 2D plans with limited information.

  • 3D product visualisation


    VIsualisations of generic components for use in a complete range of marketing collateral.